Saturday, 21 March 2015

Welcome to Scarlett Frog Miniatures - my blog about all things in miniature - mainly 1/12th scale.

So  bit of background about me. I have been collecting and making miniatures since I was just 18 and that was a long time ago. I want to cringe when I think about my first efforts. Those days - before the Internet, one had to rely on magazines and from fellow miniaturists. 

So much has changed now. Information is very available - some good and some not that great. 

My making skills are quite diverse and because I like to make one-off things I tend to try all sorts of media. 

One of the best examples is a recent project that I wrote for Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine about a World War 1 museum cabinet project with all the how-to photographs. This meant working in various media using and combining a wide variety of tools and materials.  Research for it was very important so that I got the feel of it just right. 

I have a lovely collection - I have been lucky enough to purchase some items from some of the best masters of the craft. I will be sharing parts of my collection with you as well as posting tutorials and video tutorials.  Later in the year I will be launching a shop selling hard-to-find materials that are useful for the miniaturist. 

SInce I love to crochet I will also post new pattern links here and you will be able to download the patterns from 

So I hope you enjoy my blog and be patient with me as I get it started and rolling. 

Scarlett Frog Miniatures: March 2015

Scarlett Frog Miniatures